Regulation 16 Consultation

“The Neighbourhood Plan has now gone through its first public consultation (thanks to all who responded), some changes have been made to the policies and we are now looking forward to the second (and final) consultation.  This will be run by Tewkesbury Borough Council, who will put it on their website with an online form for comments.  Further changes will then be made and the Plan will then go for Independent Examination, before the Referendum.

Watch out for the start of the second (Regulation 16) consultation and make sure you have your say”.

Statutory Consultation – Reg 14


We have now received all of your responses to the Statutory Consultation – the Steering Group are meeting on 7th February 2019 to review all responses received in order to see if any further amendments/improvements to the Plan are necessary. The Plan will then be formally submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council who will publicise the plan ( Regulation 16 ) and arrange for an examination by an Independent Examiner. This is to consider whether the neighbourhood plan meets the basic conditions and other legal requirements. If successful at the examination stage, with modifications if necessary, then the local authority will arrange for a neighbourhood plan referendum. If there is a majority yes vote, then the neighbourhood plan is made and becomes part of the statutory development plan for the area.

Thank you so much to all those who took part in our consultation : we value your ideas on how to shape the development of our community , now and in the future.

Churchdown and Innsworth Neighbourhood Plan : Statutory Consultation


You can ask questions, comment on the Neighbourhood Plan and fill in our consultation response form  – available at both Churchdown and Innsworth Parish Council Offices, on our roadshow stands and on the website.

Online Consultation Questionnaire

You can view the Plan (1)  together with , the relevant Appendix A (2 )  and the consultation response form (3) below:

1 – Churchdown-and-Innsworth-NP-Pre-Submission-version-FINAL

[2] – Churchdown and Innsworth Character Area – Good Practice – Assessment Guide APP A

3 – C I NP Stat Consultation Response Form REG 14

Exhibition Dates and Venues :

  • 10TH – 17TH September 2018 :  Churchdown Parish  Council
  • 17th – 24th September 2018 :Innsworth  Parish Council
  • 25th September 2018 – 1st October 2018 : GL3 Hub
  • 2nd– 8th October 2018 :  Churchdown Library
  • 8th – 15th October 2018 : St. Andrews Church
  • 15th – 20th October 2018 :  Churchdown Community Association
  • 20th October 2018 :  Tesco Cheltenham Road east


Neighbourhood Plan Update July 2018


At the end of 2017 the  draft  ‘Plan’ had been produced containing planning policies and a list of community actions – all based on information gathered during the Community Engagement in 2014 together with research by the Steering Group and reports from specialist consultants.

At the end of 2017 and start of 2018,  the Steering group were looking at ways to ensure that concerns regarding traffic/road infrastructure, flooding, design and layout of housing and fibre optic installation were  addressed as fully as possible. Final amendments , to incorporate the above policies and supporting evidence, were carried out in Spring 2018.

In June 2018, the Draft Neighbourhood Plan was approved by both Innsworth and Churchdown Parish Councils for submission to Tewkesbury Borough Council for Strategic Environmental Assessment. This process requires Tewkesbury Borough Council to liaise with a number of Statutory Organisations and is due to finish shortly.

The Steering Group are currently preparing for a 6 week statutory consultation on the Draft Plan which aims to collate as many responses from Residents as possible – this includes drafting a document detailing all the community engagement carried out to date and outlining how the Steering Group hope to achieve the widest possible consultation going forward.

We will be publishing details of how to respond to the consultation and dates of forthcoming events very shortly .

Your views are the key to the success of the plan . Please get in touch and let us know your thoughts

Neighbourhood Plan Update

The Plan has now progressed to the stage where we have a Pre-Submission Draft (ie, it is almost ready to be submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council” for Strategic Environmental Assessment, and then public consultation.

However, due to the importance of the issues of flooding and road infrastructure/congestion, it has been agreed to do further work on these matters.  A brief is being drawn up for consultant reports.  It is hoped to progress this work quite quickly and to be able to include policies in the Plan to cover these matters.

February Update

“On 9th February Churchdown Parish Council played host to members of Neighbourhood Plan Steering Groups from around the South West at the Locality Network Event. The evening was well supported and enjoyed by about 30 participants who heard presentations from Lorraine Hart of Locality, Dr Gemma Jerome of Gloucestershire Wild Service and Rupert Crosbee of Sustrans. For the specialist reports of GWS and Sustrans, supporting the Neighbourhood Plan, please look under Documents tab.  The Steering Group are now working to finalise the Plan prior to submission to Tewkesbury Borough Council for Strategic Environmental Assessment.”

October Update

The Steering Group continues to work very hard on the Plan, with research being done on 5 individual themes: Built Environment, Natural Environment, Children and Young People, Community Infrastructure and Movement of People.  A study has been commissioned from Sustrans to look at cycling and walking routes in the neighbourhood area, and connections to other settlements.  The Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records has produced maps and species lists from which it is hoped to formulate some specific proposals for habitat creation and enhancement of green infrastructure

August 2015 – Update

Lots of progress has been made on the Neighbourhood Plan, with the Steering Group and individual Theme Groups meeting regularly to work out a Plan that is right for Churchdown and Innsworth. We’ve looked through all the consultation responses and done walkabouts in both parishes, to see what is good and what is not so good locally. We’re nearly at the point where the Plan policies can start to be drafted, and our aim is to have the Plan in place in about 12 months time.

Consultation Displays

In April there will be consultation displays around the parishes on Children and Young People. Previous consultation has indicated that residents would like to see a ‘proper park’ ie like Tudor Mead with ‘exciting’ play equipment. This is your chance to choose what sort of play equipment and type of park you would like to see.

Displays  are at the Library, GL3 Community Hub and other venues advertised.